land concession in Kampong Thom, Cambodia

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This land is belong to indigenous people who traditionally farming used for a long time, but presently under the environment impact assessment study of Ministry of Environment; and there is no consultation with community people. Actually, on October 6, 2012 community people saw workers cut down the trees; while one of the workers told community people and village chief to meet with environment personnel at Beung Pear Sanctuary, but Mr unknown name who is environment personnel told that they just only first examine the boundary and the impact assessment will be done later.
Note: on October 6, 2011 the level of the ground started with approximately 300 hectares which distanced from community people’s house around 250 meters.

On October 10, 2011 two community representatives reported to commune chief, but he said didn’t know. And on October 2011, the commune chief met with community people and affirmed that this area is belonging to indigenous people for making their living. Later, there were environment head, deputy and vice district governor had conducted a consultation meeting to oversee the impact. At the same day, the environment personnel invited village chief, police post, soldier and community representatives went to examine the border which violated by the company.

On December 06, 2011 community people lodged a complaint with thump prints submitted to cabinet of prime ministry Hun Sen.

On December 12, 2011 community people met with provincial governor to lodge a complaint then to Phnom Penh for taking their complaint from the cabinet of prime minister for submit to Anti-corruption Institution. moreover, on December 16, 2011 deputy provincial governor, district governor and environment personnel went to solve the problem with community people who have a concrete cropping land if he/she wishes to sell, the company will buy, if he/she doesn’t want to sell, there is no one can take your land.

On December 17, 2011 they went to measure the land, but the community people didn’t agree. Then, in December 2012, the community people met and negotiated with the deputy provincial governor and district environment personnel. As result, the deputy provincial governor ordered to the company to stop their action. Up to now, there is no solution.

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