Rearrest of 6 PSM activists under Emergency Ordinance

On 2 July 2011, when the remand period for the PSM 31 (see arms2010/event/36) ended, six of the detainees were released from charges under Section 122 but were immediately rearrested under the Emergency Ordinance.

July 4: 24 PSM activists charged under Sections 43 and 48 of the Societies Act, and Section 29 (1) of the ISA. Family and lawyers gather outside Bt Aman prevented from meeting EO6

July 5: Suaram hands memo to Suhakam urging release of EO6

July 6: Habeas corpus filed; application to be heard July 22. Police reject Bersih demand for EO6 release, claim they are subversives with links to foreign elements. The mainstream media report unsubstantiated and tenuous link – Korean intern Song Min-young and Filipino Romeo Castillo deported

July 8: EO6 meet family and friends; brought from their cells into the meeting room blindfolded

July 9: Police restriction order on 90 individuals from Bersih, Umno Youth and Perkasa to thwart their presence in several spots in Kuala Lumpur for the separate rallies and ‘loitering’ in the case of the latter. Saravasty and Choo’s names are on the list even with the two already in police custody

July 10: Dr Jeyakumar admitted to IJN hospital

July 12: The United Nations human rights office calls for immediate release of EO6; PSM starts nightly candlelight vigil outside Bt Aman

July 15: Family and lawyers permitted short visit with EO6; Pakatan MPs Lim Kit Siang, Salahuddin Ayub and Sivarasa Rasiah met with Dr Jeyakumar at Bt Aman.

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