Six men disappeared at Chitkar Bazaar, Balochistan

On 23 January 2011, uniformed Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel abducted Abid Saleem along with five other men unrelated to him.

The incident happened in Chitkar Bazaar in Panjgur. Witnesses saw other plainclothesman join the uniformed personnel in picking up Saleem.

On 26 January 2011, a First Information Report (FIR) was filed at the Panjgur police station in which FC personnel were alleged to be the perpetrators of the act.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan organized a mission to Balochistan and learned that one of the abducted men with Saleem was found alive. He survived a gun shot wound to his throat and suffered severe torture. He was thrown by the road together with an unknown dead man who was among the abducted men at the Chitkar Bazaar.

No investigation was conducted by the police in spite of the FIR registration on the disappearance.

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